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Our Services 

At Lipstick And Lashes Inc., we are dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence, human sex trafficking, and homelessness in Las Vegas and other Nevada counties. Our organization also serves veterans who have suffered through these adversities. With our mission in mind, we:

  • Keep transitional housing stocked with baby clothes, dental and feminine hygiene products, and clothing for women and men
  • Write to companies asking for donations
    • Trina Vaughn, our founder, advertises for the companies’ donations
  • Collect donations for transitional housing on behalf of our clients
  • Donate professional clothing for job interviews


  • Have a dose of our founder’s spoken word poetry through her book, “The Diva Chronicles Poetry for Your Soul,” which was released last May 2017. You can purchase it from The Diva Poet.
  • Stay in fashion with top-quality jewelry from Tracilynn Fashion Jewelry. As a jewelry partner/owner, our founder is pleased to present its exquisite collection.

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